by Rilda Smith, LMFT

A Self-Care Idea: Create an Acronym All Your Own by Rilda Smith, LMFT

When you run your life like a business, with appointments and prioritized schedules, you run the risk of starving your soul. You may be too efficient to budget time for such tasks as smelling the roses, meditating on the meaning of life, writing a love poem, becoming a vegetarian, doing yoga exercises, contributing to charity, or staying in better touch with your brothers and sisters.

These kinds of ongoing personal practices don’t mesh well with the more mundane demands of a busy life. You feel a little stupid putting “meditate” or “be more positive” on your to-do list every day, especially if you continually give these items such low priority that they are almost never accomplished.

One solution is to devise an acronym all your own. On each day’s schedule write your acronym and before going to bed underline the letters of the things you have done that day. When you feel stale and depressed (when you recognize that your compassion fatigue is increasing), look back over the last few days and you will likely find that hardly any of the letters in your acronym are underlined. This is a clear sign that you have not been feeding your soul enough. Often at the end of a busy, frustrating day, you will be cheered simply by underlining just one letter!

What would your acronym be? Write down all the things you want to do or become, the things that you seldom get around to, and pare the list down to the four or five most cherished items. Brainstorm some synonyms for these items and see what you can come up with in the way of an acronym. It should be short, simple and easy to remember. Use your acronym as a subtle reminder to feed your soul, expand your horizons, express yourself, and help others.

Example: CREW (Create, Read, Exercise, Write)

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